Make the most out of your time on the bike. By getting a detailed bike fit you will maximise comfort, minimise pain and injury risk and increase power and speed.



By using the most up to date bike fitting technology, Gary adds to his over 20 years experience with bikes to get you the best possible fit. 

Depending on your fitting needs, Gary will use the Retul Muve bike, the Vantage 3D camera with motion capture to record and analyse you while actually cycling. 

The accuracy of the Retul system will allow Gary to see the most minute details that are holding you back from maximum cycling enjoyment and will be able to dial your fit to the millimeter. 


The Process:


step 1: Interview

Gary will do a pre fit interview to asses your current cycling ability and goals. Gary will note any injury history that may affect your cycling.

step 2: Pre Fit assessment

Gary will perform a 15 step assessment to check critical areas including sit bone measurement and range of motion check on your limbs and spine to see if you have any physical limitations that can affect your cycling.



step 3: The Fit

Gary will begin to dial in your fit. Starting by finding optimal cleat placement and best saddle type for you, he will then place the 3D tracking sensors on the key points and begin tracking you while cycling. While analysing you with the vantage 3D camera, Gary can begin adjusting your fit to the optimal position.

step 4: Measuring the bike

One the best position has been achieved, Gary will use the Retul Zin tool to map and measure the bike to get a millimetre perfect report on your best fit. This data can be used to select your new bike with confidence; or to fit your current machine to match your body exactly.



step 5: Report and follow up

Gary will generate a customised report for you to keep as a reference and enable you to dial in other bikes to match your body. Gary will follow up a few weeks after the fit to see how the new position is working out for you and answer any other questions you may have since your fit.


Full Retul motion fit using Muve bike (up to 3 hours) - €200

Interview to assess goals and injury history. 

  • Physical examination. 

  • Foot assessment to find best possible cleat position. 

  • Sit bone assessment using digital sit bone device to give mm perfect measurement. 

  • Bike fitting of rider using Muve bike and rotating platform to get best possible fit on bike. 

  • Precision measurement of Muve bike using Retul Zin to get best possible fit on off the shelf bike. 

  • Fully detailed report. 

  • Post purchase of bike – setting up riders’ new bike to match zin measurements. 

Retul motion fit using riders existing bike – 2 hours approx. - €170

Interview to assess goals and injury history. 

  • Physical examination. 

  • Foot assessment to find best possible cleat position. 

  • Bike fitting of rider using riders’ bike to maximise comfort, minimise pain and maximise power output. 

  • Riders bike fitted to match zin report. 

  • Full report given. 

Contact point clinic, (approx. 30 mins) - €50

This is to  

  • Assess riders sit bones, and recommend saddles to suit form any manufacturer. 

  • Assess riders’ feet and recommend shoes/insoles and align cleats properly.  

  • Check optimal bar width and tape type. 

  • If rider has taken this clinic, I will reduce the price of a full fit accordingly 


Static Bike sizing (1 hour)
- €100

This is not a full fit. 

  • Visual bike fitting drawing from over 20 years of bike sales knowledge and the best modern practices. 

  • This is to dial in a riders’ fit to an existing bike, we adjust cleats, saddle height and position and asses stem length. This is a precursor to a full fit.  

  • Assess riders sit bones, recommend saddles. 

  • Assess riders’ feet and recommend shoes/insoles and align cleats properly.  

  • Check optimal bar width and tape type. 

  • Sit rider on bike find optimal saddle height. 

  • Find best hand position. 

  • Fit new stem if needed (stems can be purchased on site). 


Garmin/Wahoo/ Turbo Clinic (30 mins). - €50

Get the most out of your connected devices. 

  • I will send out a questionnaire to assess what you need, so the clinic will be focused on this area. 

  • I can set up or teach how to set up any of the major cycle computers and watches. 

  • Configure data screens to show you the data that matters to you. 

  • Show how to integrate several devices to maximise your training. 

  • Show how to create courses for navigation or virtual training.  

  • Show how to create and use training plans. 

  • Set up and configure all the top turbo trainer brands for Zwift, Trainer road, or any of the many virtual training tools out there 

  • Power meter calibration and adjustment. Garmin, Giant, Stages. 

  • This is available in store or as an outcall service. 

  • Some clinics might be performed remotely.